Fjordpanel - safe, practical and
environmentally friendly.

The story of the stone
that became wood.

Fjordpanel is a new composite material based on the experience of more than 30 years of high performance composites for trains and ships. The material is made out of natural minerals that has been manufactured into plates that are easy to work with.

Fjordpanel has been specially developed for usage in interiors in trains, ships and buildings that require low weight, improved fire resistance and optimized life cycle cost.

Non combustible

Fjordpanel do not burn, making it an ideal material when safety comes first.

Environmental friendly

Fjordpanel is a safe product made purely out of natural materials.

Simple to work with

Ordinary carpenter tools is all you need to work with Fjordpanel.


Low weight make Fjordpanel suitable for a wide range of applications.


Fox Inspector, Mundal Båtbyggeri AS

Fjord Panel AS deliver turn key interior to Fox Inspector, Mundal Båtbyggeri AS. Fjordpanel 6 mm Formica laminate wall panels. FRM protection all composite structure ( 6mm Fjordpanel density 315 kg/m3, without surface Floor FRM protection, 4 mm Fjordpanel density 500 kg/m3)

HCS Tarifa Jet

Fjord Panel AS deliver 800m2 4 mm Fjordpanel, floor underlay to: HCS Tarifa Jet, HSC Ceuta Jet, HSC Tarifa Jet, Shipowner FRS Iberia. Photo FRS

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